crysis demo

The much awaited demo of EA’s Crysis is out now and you can play it on your DirectX 9.0c compatible card on XP as well as on Vista. Also PCWorld has reported that it is running quite good in XP systems with all high settings so now you can enjoy the game to its fullest in XP based systems also, they have even said that there’s a little performance boost in frames/sec while the game is running on XP . Continue Reading →

A Melbourne PhD Student named John Papandriopoulos has developed a breakthrough technology that will enable us to surf the internet at blazing fast speeds upto 250 Mbps through our existing telephone/broadband copper wires and that too without investing in optic fibres and other expensive hardware. The new technology is totally software based that your ISP needs to install at their exchange/control room and nothing needs to be done at your side. Continue Reading →

In an another interesting development in the nanotechnology researchers have developed a computer program that can successfully predict the behavior of tiny nanowires during their operation in electronics hardware.

The computer program will help in the diagonisis of the nanowires which are around 1,000 times thinner than the human hair which would help the scientists to employ the nanowires in electronics without loosing efficiency which is the essential power requirement for the scaled down super computers.
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IBM And Mediatek has announced partnership to develop breakthrough technology that would be 100 times faster than the available Wi-Fi technology. The technology which is planned for becoming available in three years would mark a new era in the home entertainment industry. As users will be able to transfer loads of GB’s of data in a few seconds because the new technology will be capable of transferring data at the speed of 2.5 GB/sec as compared to the present speed of 11 to 54 Mbps per second.
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This is just one of the most irresistible laptop that every gamer on this planet has ever dreamt of. The new Acme laptop has got three BIG high resolution screens of 17-inch each and gets folded like a briefcase. Just imagine playing Need For Speed in this three screen wonder just the thought of it makes me feel like a utter geek. Imagine the first impression of this gadget on your geeky friends they will just bow their heads down to this brilliant piece of display hardware. Continue Reading →

nokia e61i

I have finally purchased the all in one wonder Nokia E61i three days back and its only now that i have freed myself to write this post. Actually its not just a mobile phone its a small PC in your pocket. The best Nokia phone i have ever seen in terms of features and pricing.

What made me zeroed upon Nokia E61i ? Continue Reading →


Hitachi has claimed a breakthrough in Hard disk drive technology that would result in HDD’s for storage space upto whooping 4 Terabytes for desktops and 1 Terabytes for laptops. The breakthrough is based on new invention in nanotechnology that would shrink the size of the read/write heads to only 30-50nm in size.
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In a recent development by Fujutsu, a new e-paper technology has been showcased at CREATEC in Japan. The company has this time unveiled “e-reader” which is extremely portable and is of the size of A5 size paper. The epaper is light weight, high contrast can easily read in its 4096 color display.The best part is that the e-paper has a whooping battery life of 50 hours which is freakin awesome. Continue Reading →

Beyonce phone by samsung

Samsung has released another Cellphone the SGH-F300 which is dubbed as the Beyonce phone (The B-Phone) for the fashion conscious users, Samsung is producing a lot of fashion phones like Prada,Armani,Dolce & Gabanaa and now the Beyonce Phone. Continue Reading →

Imagine two people watching two different programs on the same television at the same time , yes this could be possible with the new LCD technology in development which lets the users to to watch different things depending upon from where they are watching the LCD screen. The new technology completely controls the lightning of the pixels in the left or right portions of the screen thus you can watch a movie at left while your friend plays NFS on the right. Continue Reading →

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