Microsoft Laptop Mouse With Inbuilt 1 GB Flash Memory

12 September 2007 By Shashank

Microsoft has revealed world’s first mouse with 1 GB of internal memory.The new Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is the industy’s first rechargeable laptop mouse having 1 Gigabytes of memory built into the transceiver.This all in one mouse provides three important features :

  • Wireless mobility
  • 1 GB of storage
  • Recharging of mouse without loosing performance

Thus this mouse uses only 1 usb port providing unmatched performance while charging because it uses innovative magnetic charging system that lets you work uninterruptedly while the mouse charges. The included AAA rechargeable batteries also provides more than 3 weeks of battery power at full recharge.

The setup of the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is easy to use and configure with wireless range of 30 feets, which is more than enough in any case and is good for gaming.

Product page

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It looks cool . The inbuilt memory feature looks good

Nirmal says:

This really looks great especially the 1GB memory.

Shashank says:

That mouse is available for pre ordering at amazon at $99.95 means 4,000 Indian Rupees 😐

ram says:

Useful gadget with 1GB memory

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