Innovative CX940UX USB Plug & Play PC Monitors From Samsung

22 September 2007 By Shashank


Samsung has released quite innovative 19 inch CX940UX PC monitor which can work via USB ports without needing any additional graphics card or hardware.TheĀ  CX940UX PC monitor is a new addition to the present Syncmaster family which also features support for additional 6 monitors via inbuit USB ports.With CX940UX PC monitors you can easily connect several extra PC monitors via USB ports, nothing else is needed. Just plug and play.

Now you won’t need any additional graphics card or new drivers to manage multiple screens ,you can easily attach a single CX940UX Syncmaster via USB port which can further control 6 others .It also sports a cool mini USB hubs so as to entertain your ever increasing need for USB ports.

This is something that will really help the designers and bloggers out there .More screens means more workarea means more productivity.

Price is not available yet.

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