First Connected Quantum Chips developed

28 September 2007 By Shashank

Qubits the unit of Quantum information has been linked together for the first time in chips like those in conventional computers.US researchers have developed a new way through which the quantum components can be linked via superconducting quantum bus(Cavity Bus). Quantum computing holds great power and could be risky enough to break the RSA encyrption securities of banks and e-commerce data which is only possible via Shor’s Algorithm implemented by Quantum computers.

A Qubit or Quantum bit is different from a Bit; while a bit can exist in two states either 0 or 1 but in case of qubits 0 and 1 states can be created on one Qubit thus holding unlimited potential for unlimited calculations .The Qubits has not been fully developed so they can’t be mass manufactured yet and is still under development stages.

Two US research groups Yale and NIST has developed working prototypes which are 1 micron square built on silicon and a larger 10 square micron qubit on top of sapphire respectively .In principle hundreds of qubits can be fabricated on a single chip. Quantum computing is still in the development stages and holds great potential which will pave the way to future computing .Quantum computers can easily perform calculations in seconds than years  if done with  available super computers .

Read the full story at Newscientist

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