AMD To Release Triple core Desktop CPU

18 September 2007 By Shashank

The new upcoming Phenom processors will see another partner in the form of 3x triple core version .The upcoming Phenom family by this time was having 2x(dual core) and 4x(quad core) versions but now the series will be joined by another triple core processor, so in total there will be 3 major AMD processors  coming in the first quarter of 2008 .Challenge ahead for Intel as AMD said that the new CPU which is code named as Toliman is the world’s first desktop processor to integrate three cores in a single die of silicon.Below is the representation of AMD Three cores

AMD triple core processor

The new Tri-Core processor will also integrate a DDR3 controller along with Hypertransport 3.0 technology, a crossbar switch and 2 Mb L3 cache memory.Also the AMD 3 core processor will be priced aptly  against the Intel quad core processors  and AMD will try to recover its market share which has been on a  decline ever since Intel introduced its C2D platform.

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Arun says:

Amd now going to release 8 core cpu called ORISSO AND LLANO
see its improvement within a period of 3 and half yrs

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