20/20 Worldcup Excitement India Beat Pakistan in Bowl out(3-0)

15 September 2007 By Shashank

I can’t wait to write this down,this high voltage ICC Twenty/20 cricket match was awesome,fabulous,thrilling;This is the best match i have seen in my life .It’s my pleasure that i was able watch this exciting match of India and Pakistan in which India was able to beat Pakistan and snatched the tiebreaker in Bowl Out (3-0).

The match was swinging down sometimes in India favour and sometimes in Pakistan favour and it was Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa in the end hit their stumps in Bowl Out.Earlier Pakistan was chasing India’s 141 for nine wickets in 20 overs and only it was in last over when Pakistan needed only one run in two balls in Sreesanth’s over, he bowled beautifully with 1 maiden and the other was thrilling runout leading to tiebreaker and then Bowl Out.

It was a ultimate match even the rain bugged the Indian batting three times disturbing the batsman rhythm but they managed to get 141 on board which was quite less i thought then the Indian bowlers bowled beautifully in rocking and shocking match which dragged to Bowl Out where Indian bowlers made no mistake hitting the stumps and Poor Pakistan was not able to hit the stumps even once.So you can imagine the excitement it was a similar kinda feeling like in Football penalty shootout.

Finally India entered in Super 8 with 3 points on board.

Let’s see what this Twenty/20 ICC Worldcup have for India.

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Nirmal says:

It was really a nail biting finish, one of the exciting matches I have watched recently. 😀

sid says:

Hi shashank sir.. i really love your blog and i made one too… [ you aspired me to ] .. and i have linked your blog to my blog.. plz link mine to your website.. plz sir

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