palm centro qwerty phone

Palm has released its small and compact Centro smartphone for the low end market and its basically a stripped down version of Treo. What i like about this Palm Centro is its price tag, in $100 you won’t expect a smartphone that too with touchscreen and a fully functional QWERTY keypad for fast typing buffs like me šŸ˜‰ Continue Reading →

Qubits the unit of Quantum information has been linked together for the first time in chips like those in conventional computers.US researchers have developed a new way through which the quantum components can be linked via superconducting quantum bus(Cavity Bus). Quantum computing holds great power and could be risky enough to break the RSA encyrption securities of banks and e-commerce data which is only possible via Shor’s Algorithm implemented by Quantum computers. Continue Reading →

samsung p520

Samsung today announced the availability of high end P520 touchscreen mobile phone which is 10.55 mm thin .The new mobile has been released by the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani in fashion show in Milan.The cost of royal P520 is around 400 euros(Rs 32,000 approx) . Feature wise it has got everything that you might think of and has a reasonable stylish slim design. Continue Reading →


Samsung has released quite innovative 19 inch CX940UX PC monitor which can work via USB ports without needing any additional graphics card or hardware.TheĀ  CX940UX PC monitor is a new addition to the present Syncmaster family which also features support for additional 6 monitors via inbuit USB ports.With CX940UX PC monitors you can easily connect several extra PC monitors via USB ports, nothing else is needed. Just plug and play. Continue Reading →


With the increase in high definition content and storage technology moving to terabytes in household hard drive market ,Intel,HP ,Microsoft and a handful of other companies are joining hands to develop a new USB 3.0 technology standard which will boost the data transfer speed from 480 megabits per second to 4.8 gigabits per second. Continue Reading →


Intel has showed off the future of computing with its newly built chips using the 32 nm fabrication technology .The all new 32 nm Nehalem chip architecture has been developed by Intel in which each die incorporates around 1.9 billion transistor in a single chip wow.Intel has also demonstrated the next generation 32 nm technology by running a PC with its newly born Nehalem chip architecture. Continue Reading →

The new upcoming Phenom processors will see another partner in the form of 3x triple core version .The upcoming Phenom family by this time was having 2x(dual core) and 4x(quad core) versions but now the series will be joined by another triple core processor, so in total there will be 3 major AMD processorsĀ  coming in the first quarter of 2008 .Challenge ahead for Intel as AMD said that the new CPU which is code named as Toliman is the world’s first desktop processor to integrate three cores in a single die of silicon. Continue Reading →

I can’t wait to write this down,this high voltage ICC Twenty/20 cricket match was awesome,fabulous,thrilling;This is the best match i have seen in my life .It’s my pleasure that i was able watch this exciting match of India and Pakistan in which India was able to beat Pakistan and snatched the tiebreaker in Bowl Out (3-0).

The match was swinging down sometimes in India favour and sometimes in Pakistan favour and it was Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa in the end hit their stumps in Bowl Out.Earlier Pakistan was chasing India’s 141 for nine wickets in 20 overs and only it was in last over when Pakistan needed only one run in two balls in Sreesanth’s over, he bowled beautifully with 1 maiden and the other was thrilling runout leading to tiebreaker and then Bowl Out. Continue Reading →

Microsoft has revealed world’s first mouse with 1 GB of internal memory.The new Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is the industy’s first rechargeable laptop mouse having 1 Gigabytes of memory built into the transceiver.This all in one mouse provides three important features : Continue Reading →

The ironman

The new Iron Man trailer is out . The action sequences are looking great and the music isn’t bad either, watch out the Video after the jump. Continue Reading →

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