This bar is a single speaker and it provides SurroundSound-believe it

13 August 2007 By Shashank

bar surround system
Thinking of owning a surround sound home theater system but don’t want all those many speaker boxes lying here and there in your home then this Polk Audio’s SurroundBar50 is definitely been designed for you . The SoundBar features patented SDA(Stereo Dimensional Array) technology to simulate real surround sound like experience from single speaker.

The surroundBar is 51 inches wide and has metallic black finish which will match your Television sets smoothly and will give enriching music experience to your ears.

One other sound technology that we have discussed before is Personal Audio space which makes it possible to enjoy you favorite music while another person sleeping in the other corner of the same room would not be able to hear thus no disturbance for others while you enjoy your movies.

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Nirmal says:

Wow, This is really amazing technology. 😯

Fahimerss says:

A very thought provoking article which does touch on the broader issues with the back channel.

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