Sify’s New Call Centre technology to prevent unsolicited calls

23 August 2007 By Shashank

do not call
Sify has developed a new technology for call Centre operations in India which is in compliance with the DNC (Do Not Call) registry which will block the call centre operators from disturbing  you.The only requirement is that you must have registered yourself with the NDNC (National Do Not call) registry with any of the regulatory body. India which has a consumer subscriber base of more than 200 millions users and is growing manifolds rapidly this technology would work wonders for the end users.

How this technology will help the common man ?

The marketing calls from banks for credit cards and other such unsolicited calls could be prevented by just registering with Do Not Call registry.But it is not as simple as you might think. You have to sign up for DNC registry with each company who is disturbing you, now thats weird, there no single place where you can register for all the DNC in one go.

But if somehow you register with all the huge list of companies out there, you can be sure that you will not receive unwanted calls anymore and if you receive those calls again then you can report to God knows who,where and How to and the the company will face fines upto 20$ per call…really i don’t think this could ever happen in India.

Now you have signed up with all the DNC regulators out there the new Sify technology will counter check the operators dialing no. with DNC list if it finds your number in the list your call will be dropped thus saving you from headache.
Complete list of DNC registry

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Abhinav says:

Hi buddy,

Nice intiatinve taken by Sify but its too labourise to register for Dns registry of each company just to avoid unwanted calls.

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