NonLethal Technology:LED Flashlight that would make the bad guys vomit

7 August 2007 By Shashank


Department of Homeland Security(DHS) has developed a LED flashlight which if falls directly on eyes can cause the disorientation,nausea can even cause vomiting apart from temporary blindness.The new technology could be used as a replacement to the traditional Flashlights used by the cops as it will make them temporary blind as a effect of ultra bright light and the pulses which originate within this LED Flashlight torch which continuously changes both in colour and duration will produce psychophysical effects which will cause the suspect to disorientate and may even lead to vomit thus the cops could handcuff the culprits easily .
This nonlethal technology uses the LED’s for producing safe eye wavelength,the torch itself uses a range finder to to measure the distance between the suspect eyes and adjust the power and energy of emitting radiation before shooting out the ultrabright energy light pulses, so the it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the suspect eyes. Although the effect can be minimized if the suspect is wearing heavily tinted glasses but this could be useful is someone is coming towards you and this can easily distract and disorient the bad guys from what they are doing.Good days ahead for cops and bad guys have been warned.

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