New Technology will use your finger instead of Credit Card for payments

21 August 2007 By Shashank

US Researchers have invented a new technology which involves biometric scan of your fingers to authorize the payments.This system can be used for cashless,cardless payment systems. This system recognizes and stores the unique vein pattern of person’s finger skin which is then used forย  the identification purposes.This will make shopping much easier and credit card fraud and theft would be minimal in this case.Online merchant account holders and other online users already has paypal and other systems like Virtual credit card which will prevent the users do safely transaction without revealing the actually credit card details for offline users this system is really a safest system till date.

“Vein patterns are unique, as unique as your fingerprint. If you have worn-off, or damaged, or dirty fingertips, it’s difficult to get those prints. But the vein pattern remains no matter what condition the outer surface skin is in,” said Lewis Iadarola, a sales manager at Hitachi America.

To participate in the new system the customer has to sign up with the participating bank like any credit card which will require scanning of your finger for biometric information which will be used as your identity.The new system could also be used in conjunction with PIN for added safety.

The digital age with new technologies is here ,the things you have seen in Sci-Fi movies and games are already started coming into our lives.Just imagine using your finger for your authorization .Really cool technology isn’t it.

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TechnoJuice says:

What happens if an alligator or a really angry cow bites of the Personal Identification Finger ?

Shashank says:

ROFL-Alligator and Cow LOL
then you should go to your bank to get your second finger scanned and that should be used as you PIN

Nirmal says:

There are lots of problem with this finger identification, what if your finger gets burned? ๐Ÿ™„

Shashank says:

Burn would be ok i think as it uses the vein pattern and not the fingerprints ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sneha says:

Whats the actual name of this technology?? Could you assist me with any of the other technologies that could be used in business?

fuad says:

hey guyz
can someone help me and tell me where can i find this technology?? or what’s the name of it..
this is my email send me more info plz..

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