Here comes Hindi Speech recognition technology developed by IBM India software lab

17 August 2007 By Shashank

IBM India software lab in collaboration with CDAC(Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) has developed a speech recognition engine for India’s Mother language Hindi.The new Hindi speech recognition technology would provide a better human computer interface for the Indian users.

The latest technology would help transcribe continuous Hindi instantly into the text form and can be easily integrated in variety of applications such as voice-enabled ATMs, car navigation systems, banking, telecom, railways and airlines, said IBM India Research Laboratory Director, Daniel Dias.

The Speech engine is capable of recognizing more than 75,000 Hindi words and that too with the variation of dialects spoken in different parts of India with the accuracy levels of 90-95%.

The speech engine also incorporates a spell checker to correct spoken words which enhances accuracy .It also has many useful and user friendly features like converting text to digits and decimals ,date and currency format and into fonts which could be imported to any windows based application.

IBM India Research LAB

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Nirmal says:

Nice development, but since India has lot of accents for Hindi, will that take care of all? 🙂

Shashank says:

Accent is a problem with India ..but they say it would provide accuracy around 90-95%..but i still wonder how the software engine would process the Punjabi and Haryana accent.. 😛

Nirmal says:

And what about UP and Bihari accent? :mrgreen:

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