Adobe’s MOVIESTAR Get ready for the HD experience on WEB

21 August 2007 By Shashank

How about a High Definition video playing in your browser window ,this could be possible soon as Adobe has announced it latest version web software Flash Player 9 which is codenamed as Moviestar.The best thing is Moviestar incorporates H.264 standard video support which is the same used in Blu-ray and HD-DVD media.Thus the quality of the streaming video will be drastically improved as compared to the previous versions of Flash player 9.

This is certainly the WEB 2.0 version of the video on Internet.It also has HE-AAC(High efficiency AAC) audio support with hardware accelration which will let you watch the online video fullscreen in High Definition playback with ultra high quality sound.

The beta version will be made available today on the Adobe labs website and there are plans to launch the final version in November.

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Bush Mackel says:

Oh gosh. Something else Flash related for me to learn. *rolling eyes*

Meta says:

H.264 is the way to go, definitely. Glad to see they based it on that. Should be a good evolutionary step for Flash!

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