1 Terabyte per Square inch -Fujitsu’s new nanohole technology

14 August 2007 By Shashank

fujitsu storage technology

In a recent development in the hard drive storage technology Fujitsu┬á outshines other HDD makers with a major leap in the development of smaller and high capacity Hard drives.Fujitsu has revealed that with the help of new nanohole technology using PMR(Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) the new hard drives can store a massive terabyte of data on square inch of recording surface thus the technology would provide low power,compact HDD’s along with massive storage capacities.

Fujitsu’s latest invention uses a 2.5 inch disk drive made up of innovative ‘Patterned Medium’ Fujitsu has been working on ‘Patterned Medium’ since June 2005, its only in Jan 2005 they started using new techniques which could give us massive storage solutions.

How This Technology Works?

The new technology utilizes anodized aluminium to create pattern of ‘nanoholes’ each of which holds magnetic material which stores single bit of data.This massive storage would require nanoholes of diameter 13nm while Fujitsu is currently able to produce nanoholes of 25nm ,Fujitsu announced that it has already refined its approach by which nanoholes upto 13nm could be produced which would lead to production of 1 Terabyte of storage space per square inch.

If everything goes o.k then you could see the new smaller,compact massive storage solutions as early as Year 2010.

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Jujube Mous says:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this isn’t quite what it looks like. A look at a Fujitsu Press Release says that it’s actually 1 Terabit and not 1 Terabyte. While still extremely impressive, this really only makes it possible to write 125GB/sq. in.

This is still pretty good news, especially when supplemented with a recent press release on their upcoming half-terabyte 2.5″ hard drive. Jamming 500GB into a laptop HD is pretty impressive these days given that 320GB seems to be the top end at the moment. Even still, it looks like they could easily cross into 1-2TB territory for HDDs by 2010.

charity says:

­čś» omg

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