Why you should not delay in shifting to wordpress ?(Shifting to WordPress Part 2)

24 July 2007 By Shashank

This is the second post of the series of Shifting to WordPress(With your own hosting) .You can read the first post in this series here at:

22 reasons why you should be at WordPress :Shifting to WordPress Part 1 (opens in same window)
22 reasons why you should be at WordPress :Shifting to WordPress Part 1 (opens in new window)

Here i am gonna to tell you about my experience with wordpress.

I have shifted to WordPress almost two week ago and i am still waiting for the reindexing of my previous posts by search engines which means i am missing out most of my traffic that has directly reduced my earnings. But there is an interesting part too,Fortunately i am able to retain almost half of my traffic while shifting to WordPress this has been made possible with the help of Post slug option available in the WordPress i will talk a little later about this..

  • First let get on to things which are effected when you shift to WordPress with your own hosting

Domain will change( IF you aren’t blogging at custom domain) , all your pagerank will get screwed  up Most of the bloggers who blog at free blog hosting platform won’t care to buy domain name as they don’t want to spend any money on blogging thus all the pagerank developed in the mean time will become zero when you shift to wordpress .

  • If you have changed domain then all the prestige related to that domain will end up and you have to start all over again.
  • Even if you have your own domain like me all your links(Permalinks) will get changed which will directly effect your search engine rankings and impact heavily your daily earnings.
  • How did i retain some of my traffic :

When you write articles on your blog they get indexed by the search engines ,and many of your articles get backlinks to your site with the article permalinks thus it means when you shift to wordpress all your permalinks will be changed and your Pagerank will be hugely effected,but there is a solution for that:

WordPress has custom permalinks option which let you change the permalinks to be the same as of your previous blogging platform after that you have to change the post slug option of every post and page that you have in your blog thats tiresome isn’t it ,suppose you have around 200 posts changing postslug of each of the posts is troublesome.

What i did to retain some of my traffic was i manually changed postslug of my famous posts to previously indexed permalinks thus there was not a complete traffic drain for me .If you do need help of any kind do contact me i would love to help you.

  • One Solid reason for why a shift to WordPress will be beneficial for you?

I have noticed that after shifting to wordpress i am getting a better CTR(Click through rate) on my ads as compared to when i was at Blogspot ,thus my earnings are improved drastically and i am very much excited about that .This is all when my articles are still not completely indexed and i am waiting for the complete indexing of my articles which will help me to achieve the levels i want .

Note : Don’t just think that Shifting to WordPress merely will increase your CTR massively,a better ad placement and great content also play a major role but one thing for sure you will get absolutely better results when you are at WordPress with your own Hosting.

So if you are thinking to shift to WordPress then do it now ..as later you will have more posts and more posts means more trouble…and who knows your content is worth more than what it is now..

The Third Post in this Shifting to WordPress series will be

Checklist for shifting to wordpress ? (Shifting to WordPress Part 3)

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Sunil Parmar says:

Hi there,
There was some error with my previous comment.:(
I fully agree with you.
The bloggers who blog with passion will have to move on to self hosting at some moment of time. So it’s better that they switch as soon as possible.

Nirmal says:

You are right, If you are serious about blogging, shift to wordpress as soon a possible.

ReviewSaurus says:

I’m glad that you realised it soon and same goes to me too…I’m happy that I realised it that I should move the platform as fast as possible 🙂

Good going..I’m sure this series will rock!

Shashank says:

What kind of error ?? hope that would be temporary..
If a blogger is little bit serious about blogging then he should not delay …BTW you was also previously at Blogger..hows your experience..
@Mayank (Reviewsaurus)
Thanks for your kind words…Glad to see you here..

dEEPAK says:

well for getting traffic from the results of your old blog you can put a permanent redirect and use a script like ‘from_blogger’ by “Tom Sherman on your wordpress installation. This script redirects your to a relevant post on wordpress by looking at the source URL.
(Btw this is valid if you import all the posts to your new blog )

And about your new blog getting indexed, use the google webmaster tools.. I had my blog indexed withing a week from launch 🙂

Shashank says:

your given link is not working..
i think you want to direct us to
Retain the permalinks
Actually that method was written a long time ago …it needs huge updation as with WordPress 2.2.1 importing can be done with a single click.
also i find it too risky..becoz many people faced trouble with that and no official support and yes I am using google webmaster tools..

i got my homepage indexed in two days..
but indexing of more than 200 pages takes time.

Thanks for your valuable comments

Yep! Every aspiring pro blogger should use WordPress!

Would you mind installing the “Subscribe to comments” plugin over here, Shashank? It’ll be easy for me to keep track of comments.

Shashank says:

Just Installed the plugin…
very much thanks for notifying me..

Bush Mackel says:

Waiting to make the switch can be painful as I think you are experiencing. Keep it up though and you’ll come out of it soon enough. (#):)

Sunil Parmar says:

Yes, the error was temporary. Nothing to worry about. 🙂

Ernesto says:

hi i enjoyed the read

Just wanted to say hello and great blog!

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