Sony develops Liquid Airbag technology for portable devices

4 July 2007 By Shashank
Sony has developed a new technology in which the electronic components of the portable devices will be submerged in a Liquid(may be water or oil) Airbag preventing and absorbing the shock in case your mobile or any other portable devices has fallen on ground.

This sounds pretty much fishy isn’t it,imagine all the electronics in water or silicon oil ,but don’t worry about it you will not get electric shock as Sony has said that all the circuitry will be fully liquid proof inside the Liquid Airbag and is meant to prevent shock and not to give you a shock hope you get it .

The new technology would find application in mobiles ,hard drives , Laptops and other portable forms of electronic media.Sony has also filed a new patent for its new Liquid Airbag technology ,if this technology becomes success you can have your gadgets almost fully disaster proof as liquid will act as a cushion between the electronic component which will prevent it from being destroyed.

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