Notorious audible virus is saying something

6 July 2007 By Shashank
You have been infected,I repeat you have been infected and all your system files have been deleted.Sorry .Have a nice day and Bye Bye.” The above words is not from a Sci-Fi movie but they are the words of Trojan horse “Botvoice. A” which will take control of your Windows Text Reader and yells the above message while wiping out your hard drive.The virus deletes the system files and also modifies the windows registry and blocks any further action to recover from the critical condition.All you are left with a voice which will play in a continous loop in a taunting way.
The virus spreads itself through peer to peer networks and USB and floppy drives and unusual thing is it doesn’t jump from PC to PC on its own the user have to download it first from the internet and once its in it will infect your USB and floppy drives and cause further damage.

The new trojan horse was detected by the Panda labs you can find more information about the virus at virus encyclopedia here.

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CristianR says:

The Taj Mahal is really a great building !

Beta3 says:

You can’t help but admire how sophisticated viruses are for its size while new anti virus softwares are just getting bigger, dumber and more resource hogging!


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