Microsoft XPS to challenge Adobe’s PDF standard

3 July 2007 By Shashank
Recently Microsoft submitted their new standard XPS ( XML Paper Specification) to the Standard setting body Ecma International for the future of the electronic paper/document standard ,there is also a fight going on between the Adobe and Microsoft as Adobe want its PDF to become the dominant standard for online documentation.Microsoft has even bundled the XPS document writer with Windows Vista and Office 2007.

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This move will hit the Adobe as it has not made the full functionality available in the free versions ,they might think to make it free now as direct competition from the software giant Microsoft is inevitable now.

End users will definitely benefit out this “standards fight” between the Softare giants. The users will have a choice and they will choose the best standard.

while Microsoft new standard has to face a stiff competition as the Adobe’s PDF standard is widely used on the internet these days .The new standard would have to be good enough so that it can replace the PDF which i think is nearly impossible.

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Meta says:

Screw Microsoft. PDF is an entrenched standard that everyone knows. It’s in good hands with Adobe, who know what they are doing. Leave it that way, please. 🙄

Meta says:

Yahoo is a big sinking turd anyway, like AOL. Who cares? Bad move for Microsoft is they do it. Google is who they should be worried about, and buying Yahoo is not going to immediately makes them superior in any field to Google, who beats Yahoo at everything web-related. Yahoo is a good, competent company, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t innovate the way Google or even Apple does. Microsoft seems to buy other boring, Microsoft-like companies, which gets them nowhere. *yawn*

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