Microsoft DRM copy protection technology hacked again

17 July 2007 By Shashank

Microsoft Digital Rights Management System makes sure that the person with the digital rights would only be able to play the audio and Video media .But it seems like Microsoft needs to update its DRM technology as the latest version of program FairUse4m can crack the Microsoft Digital Rights Management system for Windows media audio and video files.This is third time Microsoft DRM has got a set back ,last year Microsoft has fixed the holes exploited by the earlier two versions of the FairUse4M program and also filed a lawsuit against anonymous authors but has to drop the lawsuit after failing to identify them.

With the latest version of FairUse4M(available for download at the torrent and P2P) the users can turn the protected music that they buy online into the DRM free tunes with simple drag and drop interface ,which can then freely copied and shared ,or they could also be turned into Mp3 format for playing in digital music players. The program has allowed the Fair Use of protected music for Masses(expanded the program name 🙂 and the users will enjoy the music until microsoft fixes the holes again…then who knows ..a fourth version??

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Rishi says:

This is no new. Every new Microsoft try is always crack. But we should not do so with them! 😆

Nirmal says:

I think you dont need to use both the icons and the Share this Plugin.

mohammad says:

I am iranian boy. i cant speak english well. if possible send me thise software. i need it vere much.
oh. excuseme if I can not type a words correctly.


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