LG to develop first "Youtube Ready" Mobile handsets

3 July 2007 By Shashank
Imagine shooting with your mobile phone and uploading to the web instantly with the press of a button ,This will become possible once LG electronics reveals its “Youtube Ready” phones later this year.The new LG mobile will showcase a completely new interface in which users can readily shoot,edit and upload their videos to the internet as they would do from their present computers.
LG has also previously released the Google phone which has all the google applications preinstalled. LG electronics has also teamed up with Yahoo for providing its Yahoo messenger and Yahoo mail to its mobile handsets.As millions of Youtube videos are watched daily on Youtube. Youtube Ready mobile handsets is really good untapped market which LG thinking of putting their bet in.Only competition to the Lg mobiles will be the Apple iPhone which is also in talks with Youtube to provide videos in H.264 standard to its iPhone.

Privacy Dangers ?

With this phone coming to the market people would be able to shoot and upload their videos in real time. This will certainly affect the private lives of people as they wouldn’t even know that they have been shooted and their videos are going rounds in the internet .

But this service will be a boon to the news services and first seen resources as people will readily shoot and upload videos without waiting for the reporters to come in.

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ReviewSaurus says:

Wow! that will be really cool! I always wondered that why this option was not present before?

We had uploading files to flickr then why not youtube or google video?

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