Its official now Ubisoft to release FarCry 2

21 July 2007 By Shashank

Farcry 2 teaser trailer

I can’t wait to write this down , FarCry one of the most acclaimed First person shooter game has got a sequel and named aptly as Farcry 2 .This time the game will be developed by the Ubisoft’s Montreal studio(Previously it was developed by Crytek) and i just finished watching the teaser ,The music is mind blowing in the Farcry teaser and graphics are as good as its prequel .This game is gonna rock ,If you have played Farcry than you must be thrilling out to get your hands on this game but this game will only be available around the first half of 2008.

Farcry was one of the best FPS games i ve played ever, the game has got wonderful scenery with greenery and awesome A.I(Artificial Intelligence) i could remember i ended that game in just 1 week,It was fun playing that game ,The game also got “Action game of the year 2004” award ,now after three long years Ubisoft has announced its sequel i can’t wait to get my hands on it. And by watching the teaser only i can say that they are gonna recreate the magic once again .
So you want to watch the teaser trailer head over to official Farcry 2 Teaser

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Rishi says:

I have also FarCry and have loved it. Will also love more if they release FC 2!

Sunil Parmar says:

Hello there,
I’m a big fan of Counter Strike. but never tried FarCry.
Actually never got a chance.
Currently i’m in love with AOE. 😆

Shashank says:

What?? you never played Farcry you should try it man its an amazing game you will love it if you love first person shooter games.

I am also a fan Age Of Empires which one you are playing AOE 3 of AOE 2..
Nowadays playing Counterstrike and my litter brother is playing Little fighter 2 😀

FAR CRY was amazing man . I am expecting the same from FC2 . Lets see how Ubisoft does there work .

Manzoor says:

I have played various games like IGI1 IGI2, Delta Force etc, but i found FarCry very much intresting and thrilling. I have finished many a times and am playing again and again. Now i am looking when did FarCry2 will release so that i can enjoy.

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