HP Labs presents Digital Colour matching technology for women

13 July 2007 By Shashank

The new colour matching technology has been developed by HP Labs which will help women to find the cosmetic product best suited for their skin type .The customer has to sent her photo to the online HP service which will then decide which colours suits particular type of skin ,the new technology could changed the way people buy skin care products the .Women can get recommedation via text sms on which shade will suit them best after studying the photograph sent to HP online service .

How it works ?

The customer shoots her own photo via cell phone or a digital camera while holding a specially designed colour chart ,the photo recieved is then studied and compared with the database of previously captured images ,colour chart is used to countereffect the different lightning conditions which may be present due to indoor photo shoot etc.The latest technology will study the pixels of the face and compare it with the colour chart to fix the lightning condition and then look into the database for matching colours.

Indeed a technology for Women

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Rishi says:

Hehe, This is funny! Dont they have anything good to do?

Shashank says:

they always keep developing out of the box products…this is one of them ..

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