Hacker Unlocks the iPhone’s iPod and WiFi without activation

5 July 2007 By Shashank

Norwegian Hacker has reportedly hacked the Apple’s iPhone so that its iPod and WiFi can work without being activated by AT&T,The new hacked iPhone could be used as full screen iPod and as a internet communicator.However the hacked Apple product lacked the call features which is still need to be activated though the AT&T carrier plan.But this is just the starting ,the complete hacked iPhone will be soon available completely cracked to work on all carriers ,you all have been waiting for that day isn’t it.

How it works ?

Jon Lech Johansen the same hacker who wrote the code to break the DVD protection in1999 has got a windows based workaround to activate the iPhone ,you can find more information on how to do the activation by going through Johensen’s blog.From there download Phone activation server to your windows machine to activate your iphone’s iPod and Wireless capability.

And i guess you don’t have to wait longer to see a completely unlocked iPhone that works with all carriers.

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CristianR says:

LOL , i hope to hear of that in my country . iPhone’s haven’t even been spotted in Romania

kuanhoong says:

dvd jon is famous.. looks like he has done it again!

ReviewSaurus says:

He he ! You can find all these kind of jugad’s in India 🙂 Anyway, It was bad on apple’s part to only make it available through AT&T.

WordPress Theme Advice says:

Wasn’t this too fast. Its been less then two weeks IPhone is released and people hacked it.

I am also wondering if the guy really makes it public, it wouldn’t be available for general usage anymore. So the best course of action for that hacker would be contact Apple and sell his hack, if it is sell-able in the first place.

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