Finally Techlivez moved to WordPress

11 July 2007 By Shashank

Finally i pressed the magic button available in the wordpress latest version and all my posts have been moved to wordpress now …i am writing this post while waiting for the DNS to resolve my domain name as i ve done the Name server changes which will take a while to resolve .

Also tell me how do you find the new design ,hows the header and plz feel free to browse through and notify me of any analogy,errors which might crept in ..also suggestion from you guys are welcome for getting most of this WordPress platform ..

Over the next few days i ll be experimenting with the wordpress plugins and all as i am completely new to wordpress…

Yippee finally i am at wordpress 😀

and keep visiting for some more irresistible updates on technology.


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Nirmal says:

Congrats on the move. Enjoy the power of WordPress. 😀

Shashank says:

Thanks Nirmal WordPress is really a great platform…

Rishi says:

Cool to see you on WordPress dude. Welcome home 🙂

Shashank says:

Thanks ,Glad you like the header …
You said it right WordPress is bloggers home and i think then blogger is a temporary home 😀

Shashank says:

Thanks..i am enjoying wordpress.

@Bush Mackel
Lack of configurability in blogger is what prompted me to move to wordpress…
Wordpress is so powerful and managable.
and yes the header is designed by me .
I am glad you too liked it .

Shankar Ganesh says:

Congrats dude. Blog is looking great. Brilliant header! 🙂

kuanhoong says:

Enjoy the power of WordPress 🙂

Bush Mackel says:

Everything looks FANtastic! What prompted the move and what were you using before? … Maybe you should write a post on that, could be a rather lengthy response. (#):) And did you make the header? Whoever did – I’m impressed!

Bush Mackel says:

I’ve always wondered – How do ppl make the effect that you used in the text, “Techlivez” in your header?

Ashok says:

Self hosted blog also look more professional.

Shashank says:

@Bush Mackel
effect comes later first you have to find the appropriate fonts…a little search on google will give you a large no of font sites eg
Yea professional look and configurability options were the another reasons why i shift to wordpress.

Hey! just stopped to tell congrats on the move and Good luck with WordPress 🙂

Shashank says:

Thanks Benedict.

ram says:

The site is looking great, congrats and enjoy wordpress

Mr.Byte says:

Good to see you on wordpress…Great header…

Welcome to WordPress Dude , the header looks great , wish i could design that well .

Welcome from WordPress, you guy! WordPress is really nice.

p.s: I was living in blogspot for a long time ago.

Shashank says:

@Ram,Mr Byte,Madhur Kapoor and Myo Kyaw Htun

very much thanks everybody ..wordpress is really a great platform…just added some colours to the design 😀

Vikas Sah says:

The site looks great and as everyone said, the header is awesome.

I would encourage you to put a search button or image next to search box as right now it is slightly difficult to figure that out.


Shashank says:

Thanks for notifying me ..i ve done the changes …

Shashank says:

thanks Deepak i ll sort that out soon ..

dEEPAK says:

Congrats on the move.. WordPress is gr8..Even I’ve this transition recently and I’m loving it 🙂

Btw you’ve got a gr8 header and I like the comments section too.. It’s looking gr8..
But your side bars are a bit crowded.. Try inserting few line breaks between different widgets..

Just wanted to say its a very nice blog you got here 🙂

its a very nice blog you got here 🙂

there you go i said it 😉

Sunil Parmar says:

It’s not much time and you too have become a die hard fan of wordpress. 🙂

SEO says:

this is a very nice blog that you have here. keep up the good work.

Domain says:

Very good information! Thanks very helpful.

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