Checklist for shifting to wordpress? Analogy with shifting Home :)

25 July 2007 By Shashank

Note : This is third article in the series “Shifting to wordpress”
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After all the research and shaking your mind you decided to go for WordPress ..Aren’t you feeling excited yes you will and you will feel a little nervous also as you are shifting your hard work to completely new platform think of it as shifting your lovely home to a new place and you don’t even have a single idea what your new home have it for you…you will get new neighbors and you will get to
meet new people in that area.

Analogy with shifting home?
When you shift your home sweet home, the place where you live .Probably you might have spent uncalculated time to make it look like home ,you have beautified the bedroom,drawing room,your also made your study room look like a geek masterplace now for some reasons you want to shift home ..headache…so what, sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do .. you have to face i getting serious:)

So you will need money to buy your new you have to pay for Domain and hosting ,and you also want your home to look better than your neighbors house isn’t you,so you have to hunt for the best designer or look out for the best theme that matches your blog taste.

Make a PLAN ?You have to buy Domain,Hosting,install wordpress,Give time, face difficulties, sometimes the things will not be that easy as you might think.

Here is the checklist:

  • Domain and Hosting

You will need money for domain and hosting ,although you can use free hosts and free domains but the complete idea of setting up a professional blog will have no meaning then, so better make your first investment towards your future.Don’t worry your blog will soon cover your hosting cost just decide now that you will write original articles. Domains and hosting are dirt cheap now it can’t get more cheaper than this.There are no free lunches in this world and you better remember “No pain no Gain”.you can easily get good hosting and domain all under $20/year..

  • WordPress installation package

WordPress package is freely available for download at ,also check if you hosting provider supports one click WordPress installation all major Hosts supports this feature and will save your valuable time which you feels like evaporating now..

You can find more information about WordPress packages here WP 2.2 and WP 2.2.1 you can check out the features you will get out of WordPress there.

  • Time and Time management

You should be ready to devote time to your blog , the better you manage your time the more you will feel less stressed and get ready for some hardwork in your homework.

  • Knowledge of HTML/FTP(File transfer protocol) is a must

If you don’t know these things then Google them you will get loads of tutorials, stick to one tutorial and you are done, learning to use FTP is just a matter of minutes…(i use smartFTP and aceFTP) almost all the FTP are similar just learn one.

  • Knowledge of CMS(Content Management Systems) would be a huge bonus

i have sweet and sour experience of Xoops a complete CMS which is becoming popular day by day …
Why sweet ?
It gives you requisite experience to manage large sites ..installing and operating wordpress is too easy for me now
Why sour?
Its sour because i started with CMS a year ago if i had started with WordPress …i would be a Pro blogger by now 😀 i wanted to make a complete site and i did realize lately its blogging where i really belong …and do you know there are still thousands of people getting hooked to CMS’s(Xoops,Mambo,Drupal,Phpnuke etc) because they are interesting i wasted 50 hours in a week to learn the configuration and editing of Xoops and reached nowhere because that much knowledge is not needed but it had given me hands on experience on CMS ,its sounds strange but most of the people surfing the net doesn’t even know what CMS’s are ..and how much powerful they are …now Xoops also has wordpress module to install my time its wasn’t there huh..

  • You have to delete(leave) your old blog which you have fostered with so much love

You have to delete or atleast you have to leave blogging at your previous blog and if thats your first blog ..then chances are that you might have emotions attached with that blog….

  • Remember Google is a great friend ..

If you stuck somewhere just Google your problem. I have done more than 20 “How to “searches in Google since after i ve moved to WordPress…and do learn by your mistakes.

Thats it for this post..hope i didn’t missed anything..

The next post in this series will be How to shift from Blogger to WordPress( Shifting to WP part 4) which will cover up the things that this post hasn’t covered -obviously.

Thanks for reading

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Nirmal says:

This series has been really good. I guess these are from your experience and this is when the article becomes good. Waiting for the next part. 🙂

Shashank says:

Thanks for your Appreciation ..i really enjoyed writing this series…

Sunil Parmar says:

Hello Shashank,
Your series of article is too good & the content is ageless . I’m sure with time it’ll gain more & more importance because it’s hard to find everything under single roof.
Great going my friend.

Shashank says:

I am glad you too liked the series.
@Minty blog
People use other platform because of ignorance,i could remember my days of when i was even not aware of the word blog but i wanted to make a website…i started with html then CMS(Xoops) then blogger and now finally at WordPress…

CristianR says:

The article was pretty good I have to admit , good job Shashank !

Minty Blog says:

Nice series man , i really cant think of any other Blogging Platform other than Wordprss i wonder why people use other platforms

Nice article again. Good to know your experiences.

Haris says:

WordPress is the only blogging platform I have used till now and plan to stick to it for a long time. It’s the best so far!

Nice series buddy . i am lucky i have used WordPress from the beginning .

Wishlost says:

Good piece of information for all newbies who are starting with wordpress.

WordPress, undoubtedly today is one of the best open source softwares freely available. Being Free is not the real reason for wordpress’ success. According to me, the community driving wordpress is the real reason for it’s success. You have a problem, you can be pretty much sure, someone else would have had similar problem in the past for which a solution is present prior hand. Even if it’s something new, there are thousands of experts out there to help you and you almost always will get a solution in less than a day.

All-in-all WordPress rocks.


Shashank says:

I am Glad everyone liked the series 😀
You people are lucky that you started with wordpress
you ve said it right,support is something which decides the success and failures of products today..

san says:

hi this is really the information i want to know,
thank u very much

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