22 Reasons why you should be at WordPress (Shifting to WordPress Part 1)

20 July 2007 By Shashank

If you are already on WordPress than consider yourself lucky because you are on the World’s best blogging platform .If you are on any other blogging platform like blogger,Typepad,Movable Type then you should consider shifting to wordpress as if you don’t shift now ..than you have to shift later ..the more delay the more trouble you will face …i will try to cover the know how required to shift to WordPress in a series of posts of which this is the first one.

22 Reasons Why you need to shift to WordPress Platform (With your Own Hosting):

1) First impression

You will not overlooked ,if you are using a free blog hosting platform like blogger chances are that you will get overlooked by most of the people,Remember that there are a millions of blogs out there and nobody have that much time to read all of them,so with WordPress you stand a good chance to steal a impression.

2) Looks/Designs to die out for

Lots of themes of almost every niche.Whatever your blog niche/topic be, you will always find a theme that will suit your blog .

3) Complete control

With your own hosting you are the king ,you can setup subdomains to add more functionality to your blog like a directory,forums, tools etc only limited by your imagination.

4) You are the admin

It feels good if its your first blog 🙂

5) Configurability of wordpress

Remember you can make it big with WordPress

6) Fully customizable

What you can’t do in other platform you can do it here,You can customize it to your heart’s desire

7) Plugins makes life easy

8) There is a plugin for almost everything

9) You can add adsense,social icons,Sitemap with the help of plugins

10) You can even optimize your blog for search engines with the help of plugins like All in One SEO

  • I never knew plugins can do that much until i shift to WordPress

11) WordPress code is beautifully written, means more search engine love

12) More SEO ,More Traffic ,More Money

13) Commentator’s find it easy to post comment

14) WordPress experience counts

15) Its easy its Hard

Its easy for people who are using internet for some time and could be hard for a complete newbie

16) Almost all professional bloggers use wordpress

17) You can expand your wings

Later on if you ever want to expand your website you can do so with WordPress easily

18) Easy to create a custom page

19) With your own domain and hosting you have your very own emails eg.you@yoursite.com

20) It shows authority

21) Impact on advertisers

Its for real ,Wordpress designs are so professional that advertiser would definitely want to advertise on your blog( You should have Great Content too)

22) You get support of thousands of fellow wordpress bloggers(you can contact me too :D)

WordPress is a great platform if you are going to start blogging start with WordPress and you will love it.

With my experience i must say if you are little bit serious about blogging then free hosting platforms like blogger isn’t for you ,you should shift to WordPress as soon as you can,There is a lot more to explore in wordpress then to waste time in other platforms( I ve wasted a hell lot of time in customizing blogger to make it what i want only to delete it in the end, after i shift to WordPress ).

The next post will be “Why you should not delay in shifting to wordpress”(Shifting to WordPress part 2)

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Blogging, Wordpress 22 comments


Linu says:

First I started my blogging on blogspot. Now I have moved to wordpress. Its amazing…

Good Post


Bush Mackel says:

Nice little list!

Sunil Parmar says:

Hello there,
Fully agreed and convinced.
Wordpress is simply love at first click.
The great thing about wordpress is that it’s improving every second.
Both thumbs up for wordpress.

Great blog & very useful too.

Take Care 🙂

Sunil Parmar says:

Hello there,
Thanks for your words of appreciation. I liked it.

I’m currently pursuing electrical engineering at NIT Hamirpur, Final year. And i hail from Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh.

Our first company is about to arrive for the placements(25th July) and i’m busy blogging. 😆

How about you?

Shashank says:

@Bush Mackel
You want me to make the list more big 😀
You have taken a right step in right direction
Ya absolutely right wordpress is improving a lot
also just sent you a mail

Vaibhav says:

Yes, the above reasons are true, i agree on most of them. I am a WP lover too 😀

Nirmal says:

Great list. So you are also a wordpress fan like me. 😀

Shankar Ganesh says:

Seems you’re excited about WordPress.

Rishi says:

Cool list dude. I never started with BlogSpot so cant say anything about it but WP is my love 🙂 It really makes life [ blogging = life ] simple! !

Shashank says:

Really WordPress is an exciting blogging platform
Though lately but i ve started loving wordpress
its true
Blogging Life is much more managable now .

WordPress Theme Advice says:

One of the reason I would not want to be on a shared blogging platform like bloggers, blogspot or even wordpress.com is because by doing so you don’t own your blog. In fact its the company who created the blogging platform will determine the fate of your blog, should things go wrong at any point.

This has happened to people in real life. So the best course of action is to download and setup WordPress as soon as possible if you have a blog anywhere on these platforms.

Shashank says:

@Wordpress theme advice
Good point !
There are even times when blogger has closed the blogs of some legitimate bloggers ,Those blogs were a result of years of hardwork…and their fate got decided by blogger team…

Shyam says:

The comparison is flawed. WordPress as a platform (when installed on your server) may be excellent but a blog hosted at wordpress.com is one of the most restrictive platform you cannot tweek or install plugin !

If you are going to host your blog anyway why not joomla ? with hundreds of plugin like forums JoomBlog, one the better CMS than wordpress !!

Shashank says:

You are absolutely right ,yourblog@Wordpress.com blogs isn’t what i am talking about …if you have read the complete article then all things are related to “wordpress with your own hosting ” its self explanatory..you can’t do all these things with the free hosting at wordpress..i admit that…also editing the post to mention it in the beginning ..

About CMS
Dude i ve spent endless nights in XOOPS one of the fastest growing CMS which is very powerful too..so i pretty much know about these things…and you will have all your questions answered once the series get finished.

Thanks for your views Shyam

Nice ! I’ll point this post to my buddies who wants to move to WordPress.

Shashank says:

@Myo Kyaw Htun
hope this series will help your friends in moving to WP ..

I have very recently started blogging(15th DEC) :mrgreen: . I am using wordpress. And suddenly i found this post of urs which hails WP. 😛 I am glad that i have taken the right decision.


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