Nivio real desktop experience on web " world’s first Windows-based online desktop"

16 June 2007 By Shashank

Everything online ,this is what internet pundits have been forecasting since a long time now Nivio a company with the help of dozens of Indian programmers has developed a online solution for all our office/home needs and it is seen as a “world’s first Windows-based online desktop.” So you can have everything “already online” , what you need is a computer and a internet connection and the best thing is most of the things will run on the online desktop that we use daily on our computers be it office applications ,music players ,acrobat reader to name some(complete list below) .Nivio is open for sign ups, so register for the trial version and see yourself what it is capable of,more details after the jump.(Click on Read more to expand)

Nivio suite comes bundled with a lot of free softwares and also has a option of paid softwares like all the windows office application suite for an extra fees.The Standard Nivio is available at $12.99/month which has the following features:

– 5 GB Space
– Back Up
– Virus Protection
– Antispam
– Hundreds of software applications available to use, trial or buy

The list of free applications available in the suite are :

Adobe Reader 8
Foxit Reader
Google Talk
Mindjet MindManager Viewer 6
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Thunderbird
NVU Base Calc Draw Impress Math Writer
QuickTime Player
Windows Live Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger
Microsoft office packages are available for the additional fees.

You can try this world’s first window based desktop online by registering at Nivio website

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Kyle McFarlin says:

I’ve been waiting for this to happen… the ships are finally out in the harbor.


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