Next Gen Technology for camera phone miniaturisation

5 June 2007 By Shashank
Back in 2006 Nanomotion (Designer and manufacturer of piezo-ceramic servomotors and controls) developed NanoLens and NanoZoom motor modules which has enabled the digital cameras to incorporate high quality focus and optical zoom in an extremely less space,this has helped in developing mobile phones with smart miniature cameras which we use today in most of the portable devices like PDA’s and mobiles.

Now Heason Technologies has been working on other miniature sub-micron applications of the Nanomotion’s technologies.It has developed miniature modules which are based on Nanomotions technology which offers sub-micron resolution and accuracy for demanding linear and rotary positioning in the various field of manufacturing and research today.

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The two miniature modules which will let the ultimate miniaturisation of the present cameras are:

NanoLens module which will provide autofucus accuracies of the order of 5 microns with cycle times of under 100 milliseconds and that too in a package of less than 10mm x 10mm x 8mm.

NanoZoom module is an optical zoom module that provides a 3x zoom ratio with focal length of 5mm to 15mm and it has an incredible speeds fo 100mm/second zoom speeds and size is just 13mm x 14mm x 23mm,this module provides crystal clear images .

The technology could be applied to micro-miniature pumps and sensors, opto and medical imaging equipment, surgical tools, nanotechnology and MEMS devices and many more, says the company(Heason Technologies).

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