miCard : New mobile card standard

2 June 2007 By Shashank

A new memory card standard miCard(multiple interface card) has been developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.This card is designed to be used in the portable handheld consumer devices like mobiles ,digital cameras and is expected to perform better than the presently available memory cards such as SDcard, SDmicro .The developers are claiming that the new memory card standard has the data transfer capabilities of around 480 Mbps and will improve over time.

The interesting thing is that the miCard is compatible with both the MMC and the USB drives so the users don’t have to buy a new card reader ,this will lead to seemless integration of the miCard with the present devices.The first miCards will be able to store 8GB of data, but the maximum capacity is expected to top out around 2,048GB.

The companies already joined hands to make miCards include A-Data Technology Inc., Asustek Computer Inc., BenQ Corp., Carry Computer Eng. Co. Ltd., C-One Technology Corp., DBTel Inc., Power Digital Card Co., Ltd., and RiCHIP Inc.

The specifications for the cards will be made available in June.

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