Intel develops Anti cheating technology for Video Games

24 June 2007 By Shashank

Intel has come up with a anti cheating technology which could be preventing you from smashing your ultra skilled friend in his own game. Intel’s Anti cheating software has already been demonstrated which monitors the data at the player’s computer and send it to the server which can then check to detect any mismatching to prevent the players to cheat . (Click on Read more to expand)

Why Intel has developed this technology?

Probably to destroy your side of gaming fun :D,Games are all for fun and not every gamer rise to the level of super shooter thus they use cheats to cool themselves and Intel’s new technology will prevent them from doing this ..but is this technology will increase the response,lag times in games as more data is need to sent to the server but as new, more and more online games are being developed where top players fight to get their share of money this technology could be useful to prevent cheating.

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