Hitachi develops "Brain-Machine Interface" technology-control things with your mind

22 June 2007 By Shashank

The new technology developed by Hitachi could let you control the electric appliances with your brain ,you just need to think and the work will perform , the new Brain machine interface employs a technology named as Optical Topography which sends out small infrared signals through the brain to map out the changes in the blood.In a recent demonstration done by the Hitachi researchers ,one of the researcher wearing a head gear gadget is able to move the train just by thinking. (Click on Read more to expand)

How this technology works :

The new technology analyzes the changes in flow of blood in the brain when one thinks or does calculation after which the signals recieved are converted into the electric signals.The best part of this technology is that you don’t have to install anything inside the brain , all the sensors remains outside the brain .

This technology will work wonders in the future for the disabled people to control objects .Hitachi scientists are also set to develop a Brain TV remote control which will work on the brain signals employing optical topography technology.

Thinking of moving things with our brain .. this technology will take ages to come to mainstream market till then try to move things by concentration who know you might move a things or two ..and enjoy the X-MEN series.

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