GeForce 8400 based DirectX 10 graphics card comes to entry level market

20 June 2007 By Shashank

Gone are those days when the DirectX 10 based graphics card costs a bomb, with more and more games coming to the DX 10 streams and competition among the card makers started heating up , now you can enjoy the delights of the DirectX 10 gameplay with Foxconn launching a pair of GeForce 8400 based DX 10 compatible graphics card one with 128 MB and the other with 256 MB RAM well within price of $ 100. Another company Albatron has announced its entry level DX 10 based graphics card which will soon come to the mainstream market . More details after the jump.

Albatron has announced the 8400GS VGA for the Entry-Level market. The new graphics card employs new technology and has support for DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0 Video Games, HD-DVD and Blue-Ray video playback. And all this performance coming to the entry level market is a really great for the gamers who can’t have deep pockets but still want to enjoy the DirectX 10 world.

Albatron 8400GS specfications:

NVIDIA® 8400 GS GPU fabricated with 65 nm process technology and has a 450 MHz clock
256 MB of DDR II memory with a 400 MHz clock
64 bit memory bus
Dual-Link DVI connector supporting a 2560 x 1600 display
TV-Out and a D-Sub connector
NVIDIA’s PureVideo HD technology providing MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264 encoding formats

Price is not yet declared for the Albatron Dx 10 card but it will be a entry level card with all the above mentioned features and i also doubt the availability of Albatron’s card in the Indian market.

Another new entrant to the entry level DirectX 10 based graphics card is Foxconn .Foxconn has made its entry into the entry level Dx 10 segment with its two

GeForce 8400GS based Dx 10 cards which will cost under $100 which translates to around Rs 4000 in Indian Rupees.


DirectX 10 support
450-MHz core clock
850-MHz memory clock
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Support for screen resolutions of 2560 x 1600
The gamers have a reason to delight as now they can upgrade their PC’s to DirectX 10 without the need to spend much.So aren’t you waiting for these cards to come in.These cards will let you play most of the upcoming DirectX 10 based games.

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