FactSpotter-Next Gen Smart search engine by Xerox

23 June 2007 By Shashank

Xerox corporation developers has revealed a out of the box search engine technology which is which tries to understand the search made rather than the traditional keyword approach used by the common search engines.The tool named as FactSpotter analyzes the grammer context and provides and refined results based on semantic research which analyzes the underlying meaning of the search made thus resulting in better results.
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The tool will help the researchers to cut their valuable time in searching for information. The interesting part is the search engine software is written in C programming language and the researchers have also developed modules in Java and Python so that it can be used seamlessly with the other applications.

FactSpotter was introduced at a technology briefing at Xerox’s research centre in Grenoble and will be launched next year.


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ram says:

Seems to me they are doing good work, but what i dont understand is what Xerox is doing in search industry.
BTW do u have any link to this one

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