DirectX 10 games been hacked to work on windows XP

27 June 2007 By Shashank

Windows Vista and DirectX 10 only video games are reportedly being hacked to work on windows Xp by a hacking group which calls itself “Razor 1911” , this means you don’t need to shell out bucks for DX 10 cards . As the news spreads as a wildfire for now ,you can play ShadowRun which is exclusive for DirectX 10 Microsoft Vista on Windows XP , this is a great news for the gamers out there.Back in May a company named as Falling Leaf Systems announced that it will be releasing patches for games like Halo 2 and ShadowRun so that they can playable on Windows XP .

Here comes the Razor Package ?

This crack developed by the hacking group “Razor 1911: who is saying: “Tired of waiting for Falling Leaf to produce drivers so that you can play Shadowrun in XP? The wait is over, because Razor1911 already has the remedy! Yes, you read right. This game will also function in Windows XP.”Previously Microsoft has claimed that it is impossible implement DirectX 10 compatibility with the Windows Xp then comes this news.. This indeed is the gaming news of the hour and will delight most of the gamers out there..The crack is widely available on the internet know where to look for it.

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Zmidponk says:

Better check your info. DirectX 10 has not been hacked to work on XP (so far). The reason these games work is that they don’t use DirectX 10 to begin with, they just had the ‘Windows Live’ thing, which didn’t work on XP. These guys hacked that code to get it to work (still a good thing, but not as good as successfully hacking DX10 to work on XP).

Shashank says:

Why you guys leave anonymous comments…

I never say that DX 10 has been completely hacked to work on XP i ve just said Shadowrun which is a exclusive game for DX 10 has been made to work on XP and this just the starting…unfortunately i am not wrong and you are also right…

Have a nice day

Zmidponk says:

No, you’re still wrong. Shadowrun and Halo 2 are ‘Vista exclusive’, not ‘DirectX 10 exclusive’. They do not use DirectX 10. Period. This is why, whilst it is still a good thing that somebody has hacked them to work on something other than Vista, it is nothing like as significant as your article tries to make out by calling them ‘exclusive games for DX 10’ or ‘DirectX 10 only video games’, as they simply aren’t.

Shashank says:

My previous comment should be like this 😛
Shadowrun which is a exclusive game for “DX 10” “Microsoft Vista” has been made to work on XP.

dave says:

cansomeone tell me where can i get directx 10 from?

Peter says:

You can get Direct X 10 for windows Vista . from microsoft. Next they might even try and emulate Vista on XP ha ha ha. tut tut you must be mad and I am to think that Direct X 10 is any thing so Great. get a New computer that the answer.!!!

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