Desktop computing goes to a whole new level

25 June 2007 By Shashank

A prototype of what could be the next generation of desktop computers has been developed by the researchers of the University of Maryland’s A.James Clark school of engineering .The technology is based on the parallel-Processing on the single chip is capable of computing speeds of around 100 times of speed of the present desktop computers which is really needed if you really want to play the future DirectX 10 games which will be extremely hungry on resources at that this technology could come handy .

The new prototype based on parallel computing could be said as a new era of desktop computing as parallel processing approach allows multiple different works to be performed simultaneously which will result in the faster performance and will decrease the wait times .

The most important thing of this research is that they have developed a to program for processors in a single chip which is the main hurdle in developing super computers this would provide super computing power to desktop computing.The name of the new technology has still not decided infact there is a public contest to name this new technology and the winner will be given $500 cash ,you can participate in the contest here at Clark School of Engineering website, The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2007.

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ram says:

Looks interesting, but it may take long to release these computers to the market

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