Breakthrough in chip architecture will result in compact mobiles

21 June 2007 By Shashank
New Breakthrough in memory chip technology will pave the way for higher capacity and faster memory design for compact mobile phones , The new memory chip architecture will provide high memory capacity with two chips on a single chip for improved performance which will result in the production of more compact mobile phones.

The technology is a integration of two types of flash memory into a single chip. One type of flash memory is called a single level cell (SLC) which is best for storing programs and applications required in the mobile phones and the other is multi level cell (MLC) which is used to store data used by programs and application.(Click on Read more to expand)

Until now the cell phone designers use separate space for these two types of memory resulting in bigger mobile handsets with this new technology both types of the above mentioned memory will fit in one single chip thus making the size of mobiles smaller.

The new chip is named as Toshiba’s new mobile LBA-NAND chip which will provide designers to choose how much each type of memory they want in the phones ,Toshiba said the availability of these chips will be around in next 3-6 months and the new chips will have a capacity of upto 8 GB’s.

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Nirmal says:

This is great news. Already mobiles are becoming more and more compact.

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