BBC is all set to launch its iPlayer a On Demand television viewing program that will let the users download their favorite programs and watch them when they want to .But it has got limitation the downloaded programs will only be available for only thirty days once you started watching. After the set time period of 30 days the programs will delete themselves, the iPlayer will use the Microsoft’s DRM (Digital rights management) technology to make sure their programs not get written to DVD’s and rendered unviewable after 30 days.

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The BBC iPlayer beta is going to launch on july 27 and will only be available to the windows PC’s and plans are there to make it available for all other platforms sooner. BBC also said that the services provided by the iPlayer are based on new technologies that will not slow down the internet.The BBC iPlayer is designed such that its interface is easily accessible to the beginners of the internet also .BBC is also planning to launch the service to the cable later this year followed by other TV platforms.

This is truly a great initiative by BBC as it will let the users watch the shows On Demand and the best part is the service is free.



Rockstar Games has revealed a new GTA IV trailor .Below is the latest 2 nd trailor of GTA IV.Release date of GTA 4 is set to October 16.

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Windows Vista and DirectX 10 only video games are reportedly being hacked to work on windows Xp by a hacking group which calls itself “Razor 1911” , this means you don’t need to shell out bucks for DX 10 cards . As the news spreads as a wildfire for now ,you can play ShadowRun which is exclusive for DirectX 10 Microsoft Vista on Windows XP , this is a great news for the gamers out there.Back in May a company named as Falling Leaf Systems announced that it will be releasing patches for games like Halo 2 and ShadowRun so that they can playable on Windows XP .

Here comes the Razor Package ?

This crack developed by the hacking group “Razor 1911: who is saying: “Tired of waiting for Falling Leaf to produce drivers so that you can play Shadowrun in XP? The wait is over, because Razor1911 already has the remedy! Yes, you read right. This game will also function in Windows XP.”Previously Microsoft has claimed that it is impossible implement DirectX 10 compatibility with the Windows Xp then comes this news.. This indeed is the gaming news of the hour and will delight most of the gamers out there..The crack is widely available on the internet know where to look for it.

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The worlds fastest supercomputer crown was held by the IBM’s Bluegene/L supercomputer for quite a long time till now but now Sun Microsystem’s new supercomputer which claims speeds up to 1.7 Petaflops is a new contender in the top Supercomputers,The design provides 21 million floating point operations per second which could be scaled upto 2 Petaflops. Sun’s constellation of Supercomputer will be installed at the Texas Advanced computing center ,the new supercomputer is a Linux cluster system ,it will have 3,288 nodes with 26,304 processing cores using the AMD’s forthcoming Barcelona 4 core design mounted on the Sun blades .(Click on Read more to expand)

The initial memory will be 52.6 Terabyte with RAM upto 105 TB,It still needs huge 3 Megawatts of power to run and a standard rack will hold 768 cores.The new system has just surpassed the IBM Bluegene/L supercomputer but IBM still holds its no. 1 position in terms of Supercomputer because it has come up with second generation of Bluegene series read below .

IBM announced its new generation of Bluegene Supercomputer which is named as Bluegene/P which could be designed and configured to reach the speeds of upto 3 petaflops ,The Bluegene/L used the dual core 700 MHz chips while the new IBM Bluegene/P uses the 4 850 MHz PowerPc 450 processor integrated on a single chip.IBM also said that the new Bluegene/P supercomputer is seven times more energy efficient than any other supercomputer.

This means IBM will be at no. 1 position and Sun will take the second position for the world’s fastest supercomputer.

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Are you sick of taking backups in the DVD’s and other optical media now if you can shell out some dollars then you can buy out the maximum capacity hard disks available today which are of capacity of Terabyte. Both Seagate and Samsung has announced their 1 Terabyte hdd’s in the mass market will soon be available to a hardware store near you.Seagate has released two models Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and the Barracuda ES.2 hdd which delivers 1TB of capacity, 7200-rpm spin speeds, an average seek time of 8.5ms and caches up to 32MB.

Samsung has also released its 1 Terabyte line of harddisks the SpinPoint series SATA hard drives to the mass market and is available around $399. Seagate hard drives will also have a same price tag of around $399 when they will be released in the third quarter of 2007.The Samsung hard drive is optimized for RAID applications and transfer rate of 3 GB/second and speeds of 7200 rpm and upto 32 MB cache .Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and ES.2 hdds are aimed for the corporate storage segment as both have features which are needed in the enterprise storage market segment and employs the perpendicular magnetic recording technology. These hard drives will also be available for your home entertainment purposes now start imagining how much you can store in that 1 TB of space.

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A prototype of what could be the next generation of desktop computers has been developed by the researchers of the University of Maryland’s A.James Clark school of engineering .The technology is based on the parallel-Processing on the single chip is capable of computing speeds of around 100 times of speed of the present desktop computers which is really needed if you really want to play the future DirectX 10 games which will be extremely hungry on resources at that this technology could come handy .

The new prototype based on parallel computing could be said as a new era of desktop computing as parallel processing approach allows multiple different works to be performed simultaneously which will result in the faster performance and will decrease the wait times .

The most important thing of this research is that they have developed a to program for processors in a single chip which is the main hurdle in developing super computers this would provide super computing power to desktop computing.The name of the new technology has still not decided infact there is a public contest to name this new technology and the winner will be given $500 cash ,you can participate in the contest here at Clark School of Engineering website, The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2007.

The new Nanotechnology could be used to compress memory which works by aligning the Nano magnetic particles align to each other ,which was the major hurdle in obtaining and packing more density and storage space.With the new technology the shape and size of the Nanorods can be controlled which will result in compressing the memory.The long Nanorods could be packed alongside with their magnetic fields aligned in two directions which is what the researchers needed to pack high capacity in the less space.

This method has great potential in the field wherever dense magnetic field is necessary including generators and can read more about this technology at

Intel has come up with a anti cheating technology which could be preventing you from smashing your ultra skilled friend in his own game. Intel’s Anti cheating software has already been demonstrated which monitors the data at the player’s computer and send it to the server which can then check to detect any mismatching to prevent the players to cheat . (Click on Read more to expand)

Why Intel has developed this technology?

Probably to destroy your side of gaming fun :D,Games are all for fun and not every gamer rise to the level of super shooter thus they use cheats to cool themselves and Intel’s new technology will prevent them from doing this ..but is this technology will increase the response,lag times in games as more data is need to sent to the server but as new, more and more online games are being developed where top players fight to get their share of money this technology could be useful to prevent cheating.

Xerox corporation developers has revealed a out of the box search engine technology which is which tries to understand the search made rather than the traditional keyword approach used by the common search engines.The tool named as FactSpotter analyzes the grammer context and provides and refined results based on semantic research which analyzes the underlying meaning of the search made thus resulting in better results.
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The tool will help the researchers to cut their valuable time in searching for information. The interesting part is the search engine software is written in C programming language and the researchers have also developed modules in Java and Python so that it can be used seamlessly with the other applications.

FactSpotter was introduced at a technology briefing at Xerox’s research centre in Grenoble and will be launched next year.


Adobe Premiere Express is now available for free at Youtube and MTV websites for the users to remix,edit and upload videos all online.The new online application will let you make your own remix videos add special effects to them and upload to Youtube for the world to see.This new online technology is available at Youtube’s TestTube site where users can edit,remix , republish them to Youtube.

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Adobe Premiere Express is a light weight online applications which has a intuitive drag and drop interface so that even a novice internet user can do their editing online in a simple way.It only requires flash 9 . The users can create and edit and add video clips, music, photos, effects, transitions and titles with the new online software.

You can experience the new technology here at Youtube TestTube

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