Yahoo integrates Messenger in web browsers

3 May 2007 By Shashank
Yahoo has come up with its new Yahoo messenger for Web which is currently in beta and supports tabbed IM windows. So what’s special about the new Yahoo’ IM for web browsers ,it is basically a service similar to what is provided by MEEBO ,which lets you login and chat with your friends at messenger without downloading the setup.Everything will be done through the browser and it supports all the major browsers ,it will be benefiting to all those people in places where the messengers are banned like in offices , schools and colleges.

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Attractive features:

One of the major attraction is the Archive feature which will let you find all the previous conversations with your contacts i.e with search facility.

Users can manage multiple conversations in a with tabbed IM chat windows this feature is also coming in the upcoming Messenger made for Vista .

Users can instant message from any browser and no download is required.
Try it from here

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Shankar Ganesh says:

there are some flash ads in here too 🙁 in the right extreme.

but better than the y!messenger software

shashank says:

ya this online version is much better than the desktop version ..

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