World’s first A4 size "Paper-thin" colour display by LG.Philips

14 May 2007 By Shashank

LG.Philips has developed a flexible LCD colour display which is of the size of A4 paper, is amazingly 300 micrometres(0.3 millimetres) thin and is being said to be a next generation display technology.The epaper sports bendable viewing experience like a real paper and can display upto 4096 colours .The interesting part is that it can be viewed from a full 180 angles that is it is having a viewing angle of 180 degrees which is great for others to peek into.

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It uses TFT on a metal foil and plastic substrate instead of glass substrate which makes the epaper flexible and durable and at the same time to possess excellent display quality.

Summing up:

-14.1-inch electronic paper
-300 micrometres thin
-4,096 colours
-Full 180 degrees wide viewing angles
-Energy efficient
-Display is clear even when the epaper is bent

These displays require power only when the image changes hence are power savvy too.

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Tim says:

Finally the real digital newspaper could come real and go into masses, nice!

NIHAL says:

What will they think of next???

Technology at it’s best, here.

Keep it up.

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