The first DX 10 game to hit the shelves: Lost Planet Extreme Condition

12 May 2007 By Shashank

Now the Pc users can also enjoy the thrilling Xbox 360 title Lost Planet
Extreme Condition which is now coming for the PC gamers is the
first DirectX 10 game to
hit the market.It is going to be released on 26th June
but the demo will be made available as soon as 15th May oh this
is too close so fellas tighten your belts for this action packed Shooter
game to chill your spines in the Extreme Conditions , you will play
Wayne Holden who will fight with the enemies in the cold winds .
Here is the old trailor from youtube if you have missed it .

YouTube Preview Image

No Info about pricing yet.
Again release date of Lost Planet : 26 JuneUpdate:
Lost Planet extreme condition demo has
been released on Both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10

platforms it can be downloaded from below:

Lost Planet Demo Download

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