Hungry for Data Storage these USB drives will definitely fit in

6 May 2007 By Shashank


Are you feeling Hungry what do you like to have the most, is it Hamburger,Hot Dog ,Pizza ,French Bread,Sandwich You will surely calm down your appetite for hunger with these consumable USB drives oh did i say consumable lemme me make it clear these Freshly baked USB drives are made for data consumption and not for your consumption and keep this irresistible USB drives away from your Younger siblings because they look almost edible .
(Click on Read more to expand)Specifications and Features:

-Supports USB 2.o
-Internal memory different flavours available from 256MB – 2GB.
-Compatible with Windows,Mac and almost all bakeries(OS) 🙂
-These edible USB drives have really a large self life(data retention) of 10 years 🙂

Product page: Vavolo USB drives

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Cool Gadgets 5 comments


Byte of Technology says:

It looks so delicious and…

Telecom books blog says:

I’ve seen varies of USB sticker customizations before, but these are definitely a hit on for “data hungry” nerds. I will get one if I know where to shop for it.

Ankit Agrawal says:

Are these real USB Sticks or Just a dummy models..

shashank says:

It seems that you didn’t read the whole thing Mr Ankit, these are real and are awaiting release.

Bush Mackel says:

Pocket hot dog is the best!

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