Wii sports: Burn out calories by playing out

11 April 2007 By Shashank


Now with Wii Sports burn calories while you play .Personal trainer Zander Urquhar has developed a exercise involving the Wii console so that you can burn calories playing video games thanks to the unique motion sensors that will let you play tennis ,basket ball , golf, boxing .
A study by Liverpool John Moores University found that in an average 12.2-hour gaming week, Wii players can burn 1830 calories – shifting 27lb a year.A Nintendo UK spokesman said: “We’re not aware of anyone else doing this but it shows what the Wii can be used for.”
According to statistics released by Food Magazine, calories burned using a Nintendo Wii for 15 to 20 minutes compare favourably with other forms of exercise.

so whats up , play up on your Wii and burn calories
here is what you can burn out by playing out:

Playing tennis – 140
Playing football – 140
Cycling – 125
Playing golf – 100
Aerobic dancing – 130

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Lindsey says:

How many calories can you burn at an hours worth of each game?


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