USB drives and memory cards Vending machine

11 April 2007 By Shashank

memory vending machines

You must be familiar with the coke and pepsi vending machines which provides cans of pepsi and coke, now dont be surprised if you see a vending machine installed in your locality which will be supplying your ever increasing memory needs from which you can have your USB drives and data cards just like you have your pepsi and coke ,Kingston in collaboration with the Jersey based firm MyMemory will be installing memory vending machines which will take care of your memory needs.

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The vending machines will provide Kingston Memory’s SD cards, CompactFlash cards and DataTraveler USB drives and other similar memory storage devices.The first memory vending device has been installed already at London Gatwick Airport.

Now you will have instant access to SD cards and USB devices 24/7, so next time you see a strange looking vendoring machine with no coke or pepsi inside dont jump around figuring out .

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