New LCD display technology for Portable devices by SHARP

17 April 2007 By Shashank


Sharp has developed advanced LCD technology for the portable devices such as mobile phones,camcorders which will provide sharper and crisp images on your cellphones and camcorders and is said to have the world’s highest contrast ratio for 2-inch LCD’s and it also has response speeds 3 times more than those available today.

The new technology will also have a 176 degree wide viewing angles. so you can imagine what is going to hit the market, all your friends can watch the videos on your cell phone based on this new technology.

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The company has its advanced LCD technology which will compete with OLED display which also boosts of high contrast ratios and response speeds .

The company also said that the cost of its new LCD technology will be less as compared to the OLED(organic light emitting diodes) displays which are 2-3 times more than the present costs.

Feature wise:
-It will have a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 contrast ratio (the highest available on mobiles)
-Amazing 8ms response time ( 3x faster than presently available now).

Sample Shipping will start by the year end.

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