IBM invents vertical stacking (sandwich) technology

13 April 2007 By Shashank

IBM the company behind Bluegene/L (the world’s fastest super computer till now) has found a way to transfer data and signals between chips by using ‘through-silicon-vias‘ a breakthrough technology that will make possible the chips and processors to vertical mount(silicon sandwiches) on each other via silicon vias for a much better ,faster ,smaller and power efficient computer systems.Until now the chips are used to be connected through the metal wires that connects the chips to its sideby chips,the latest technology by IBM promises to allow multiple chips to vertically stacked together(connected by tungsten filled pipes, etched through the silicon) allowing more efficient data transfer capability .

Intel 80 core teraflop chip was also based on the vertical stacking technology.(Click on Read more to expand)

Application and advantages:

-Speed boost in multicore environment.
-Wireless communication systems.
-Because of its low power and faster proccessing power it will be
utilized in the mobiles phone processor market.
-It will pave the way to new generation of supercomputers.

IBM will began production of these compact silicon sandwich chips in 2008.

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