It is said to be one of the most awaited games and is romoured
to be based on World War 2 but now it has officially clarified by
Activision that it is nowhere near the World War on the other
hand it deals with the Modern Warfare techniques and advanced
cinematography which gives very high details of gaming, the
graphics and the music are mind blowing see yourself from the trailor below .

YouTube Preview Image

It will be coming for PC as well as for consoles and about advanced gameplay
the COD 4 Modern warfare has 16 critical shooter points in the head while
most shooters have 2-3 critical points so it will be testing your shooting
skills also . Multiplayer mode features gameplay with upto 54 players.

Samsung has unveiled its Slimmest handset in the world,This phone Samsung C210 is candy bar handset but don’t be fooled by its candy bar design ,apart from being the slimmest phone it boasts all advanced features(scroll down) that too at 5.9 mm thickness which is less than a quarter of a inch. Samsung has broken its previous record of 6.9 mm (Samsung X828) .
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I would rather say it as a Feature packed slimmest cellphone in the world .

The features include :

-3.2-MP digital camera
-Integrated MP3/AAC/AAC+ Music Player
-MPEG4 / 3GP Video Player
-USB port
-3D Surround Sounds Bluetooth Output
-262K TFT (240×320 resolution)
-SSMT(Smart SurfACEMounting Technology

They have packed so many features in only 5.9 mm ,what more you can expect of a slimmest mobile phone in the world, The price of this new samsung slimmest mobile phone will be around $400 in Korea.

Image Courtesy :

These Concept USB drives can change their shape according to data in it .The Spongebob is a empty USB drive which will transform into ugly Blowfish when it is full of data so that you can have the idea of empty or full USB drive just by looking at the drive . Another concept USB drive is the Flashbag USB drive which has micropump in it.
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The size of the device changes depending on the amount of data it holds. When the device is about to blow up you will see the familiar error message on your screen: «There is not enough free space».When swithched off the flashbag remains pumped up, so you can estimate with the naked eye how much more pics, books and music albums can be transferred into it.



Have you checked your Google Pagerank ,the time has come the much awaited Google Pagerank update is here ,if you want to check the Pagerank of your website then i am going to list a few but best services for checking Pageranks, by this time the datacenters are updating the Pagerank so it could be possible that some of the datacenters showing previous Pageranks, don’t worry they will update themselves soon.If you want to check your Pagerank before it comes out of the pipeline lets go inside the pipeline and see ..i m mentioning here the tools from which i have checked Pagerank of (will show Pagerank)

These are the best Pagerank tools around IMO and also provide other services for webmasters ,the iwebtools future pagerank prediction is going crazy these days its keeps on showing zero pagerank for many blogs so i recommend do not waste time on iwebtools. If you know some more great tools then drop in your comments .

This blog too is getting a boost in Pagerank from 0 to 5 in just three months ..You know hardwork pays ,all the quality technology articles i wrote have started paying off.
Time to put in more .

All the datacenters have finally updated themselves so now you can check your final pagerank
at any website.This site is also a great tool for checking pagerank .



data recovery
India’s premier I.T company HCL has developed a new technology that can recover the data from a crashed system and that too in less than minute.The technology named HCL’s EC2 (Embedded continuity and control) boasts of consuming only 0.07 percent of space to create snapshots.The new series of HCL laptops sports this latest technology which comes under the name HCL Non Stop ‘Leaptop’ series ,these laptops will be able to recover the lost data completely in case of system crash and data loss problems .

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How this technology works?
The technology is software with a component embedded in the hardware that automatically stores and replicates ‘a complete image of its own working state’ of a file including system files at regular intervals.

‘Research has shown that 95 percent of PC problems are software related and include accidental deletion, software corruption, problems of settings changes, virus-related system crashes,’ said George Paul, HCL Infosystems executive vice-president.

What it can do ?
This technology will be able to recover data in case of :

-System crash
-System corruption by viruses, spyware or Trojans
-Accidental formatting of any of the hard disk partitions
-Corruption of registry files & folders
-Blue screen errors
-System unstability after patch updates

The new technology is compatible with Windows Vista and previous versions.
The Price of laptops with this technology starts from Rs.27,990/- and is optional for desktops and laptops so that users have a choice.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) has showcased future technology of mobile communications at the HP Mobile Innovations Tour in India.The concept design presented and showcased are a vision for the year 2012 which will provide a “always connected” experience to the users.

“True creativity lies in making the complicated simple” said Phil Devlin from HP ,while showcasing the future technologies at the Mobile Innovations event.
upcoming technology
The show unveiled a smart looking digital wallet (above) which will keep track of all your transactions and is like a tablet device which is ultra thin and provides pen device for input other than touch screen.(Click on Read more to expand)

future technology
Another cool design was of a flexible,portable display which will act as a personal reader may be a ebook reader type and is “always on” while connecting to the wireless hub/watch.

wireless technology
Another conceptual design revealed cool gadgets like Personal wireless Gateway with wearable form factor which looks like a watch and is capable of wireless connectivity to act as a wireless hub.

“The current mobile environment is getting increasingly complex as laptops, mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras all continue to add more features, options and wireless technologies. HP’s perspective of the future mobility concepts follows the philosophy that out of integrated complexity will come disintegrated simplicity”, said Phil Devlin, Manager, Product Marketing, Mobile Business Unit, Personal Systems Group,HP.
According to HP the upcoming Ultra Wireless bluetooth technology which is still in development stage is expected to be 5000 times faster than the present bluetooth technology. He said that the Future bluetooth technology will land up in 2008 and will drive the future technology segments.

Via Tech2

Watch these Spectacular LASER(Light amplification by simulated emission of radiation) Videos from the Youtube website:

The first one shows a light beam diffracted and shattered beautifully to produce the disco lights like effect.

The second video shows Burning of match stick with the help of 125 MW LASER beam.

The Third video shows spirogram built in 5 minutes uses a high power laser pointer to create simple and cool light show.

Fourth video shows amazing beam effects from a high power laser pointer when the beam is diffracted through a glass bowl.


You heard it right now it will be possible to create a single 4 GB memory module for the PC’s .Samsung the leader in semiconductor technology announced that it has developed the highly efficient Stacking technology using the ‘through silicon via’ (TSV) technology that will make possible to have smaller ,faster and efficient RAM solutions and will also consume less power.

The new technology boasts of providing next generation packaging solutions that will make it possible to make high density and smaller size memory modules.

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About this innovative technology:

It is somewhat similar to the IBM vertical stacking technology that we have reviewed two weeks before, because it also uses the same ‘through silicon via’ (TSV) technology.The new wafer-level-processed stacked package (WSP) will consist of four 512 Mb DDR2 ( double data rate,second generation) DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chips which will be combined to get 2 Gbs of high density memory then Using the TSV-processed 2Gb DRAMs, Samsung will be able to create a 4GB (gigabyte) DIMM (dual in-line memory module) based on
advanced WSP technology for the first time.

“The innovative TSV-based MCP (multi-chip package) stacking technology offers a next-generation packaging solution that will accommodate the ever-growing demand for smaller-sized, high-speed, high-density memory,” said Tae-Gyeong Chung, vice president, Interconnect Technology Development Team, Memory Division, Samsung Electronics. “In addition, the performance advancements achieved by our WSP technology can be utilized in many diverse combinations of semiconductor packaging, such as system-in-package solutions that combine logic with memory.”

Via Press release

New innovative technologies:

The upcoming Sony Ericsson Green Phone which is still unofficial is going rounds on youtube …the short SE green phone video didn’t reveal much detail about it. It just shows of the shiny new green phone which Sony Ericsson has not released yet.. and i think it has a scroll wheel or just a round keypad see yourself watch the video and decide…


Now you can use your Mobile in Schools and colleges without disturbing your teachers because they have become so old that they will not hear the Stealth Ringtones, so play around with your mobiles in your college and have Fun …at your own risk …

There is a list of ringtones of various frequencies available for a free download.. From 10 Khz to 22 Khz..
choose the Frequency according to the age of your teacher..


Experiment with what you can hear and what your parents can’t hear so as to have a rough idea and then implement in your college.

Have a try Free Download Stealth Ringtones Ninjaringtones

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