War of e-mail storage space :Yahoo to provide UNLIMITED e-mail space

28 March 2007 By Shashank

Yahoo is planning to offer UNLIMITED e-mail storage to its users .The world biggest e-mail service provider will be providing its unlimited storage to roughly quarter of a billion users starting in May.

Currently Yahoo is providing 1GB of free space.The war of GB’s of free space started after Google’s Gmail begins providing more than 2 GB of free space and to lure the customers google said that the Gmail space counter is still counting only to put a cap at 2.8 GB’s. Also Gmail is now open to register for everyone previously it was from invite only. Microsoft in fear of losing customers now also provides 2 GB of e-mail storage.
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While war of Storage space continues with Yahoo’s plan to offering unlimited free space to its customers lets see what is the reaction of Gmail and Microsoft to this step of yahoo’s unlimited storage.

But have you ever thought that what will the normal man benefit of this unlimited free space it personally hardly uses only 4 % space of my total space. Yahoo co-founder David Filo said “We are giving them no reason to ever have to delete old e-mails,” in a phone interview. “You can keep stuff forever.”

This will be more accurate if he had said “we are giving you so much space so that you no longer have to delete the massive spam that you ever receive” no offences 🙂

So get ready to have unlimited e-mail storage.

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I will not quit Gmail forever, BTW. Shashank, liked the new theme.
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