Terabyte revolution: Mempile’s Teradisk(Optical media) technology

28 March 2007 By Shashank





Meet the 3D TERABYTE DVD optical media. Mempile has developed a removable optical media storage technology allowing for the storage of 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of information on a single inexpensive disc.

Forget the HD-DVD and Blueray, Memphile announced today that its Teradisk technology will be capable of storing upto one Terabytes of data ,This technological breakthrough of Terabytes of storage in DVD-size optical disk is possible by recording and reading over 100 virtual layers on a single DVD-size optical disc.

Mempile’s patented non-linear two-photon technology allows for 3D recording of transparent virtual layers on the entire volume of the disc. Mempile’s recent demonstration proved that more than 100 layers could be recorded and read – showing storage capabilities of slightly less than 300GB over a thickness of 0.6 mm of active material.

“Mempile’s TeraDisc technology will, for the first time, enable consumers to permanently store one TeraByte of data on a single, removable DVD-size disc at a fraction of the price of alternative solutions on the market.” said Avi Huppert CEO of Mempile.

Currently the disc can store 500GB in a transparent disc the thickness of a DVD But future optimization will allow the recording of 200 layers and of up to 5GB of data per layer. Via : Mempile

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PixelOz says:

All this talk of data capacity with Blu-rays and terabytes disks by TDK and others and it still have not address some fundamental problems with the disks that are utterly annoying to people: scratches, dirt and the obsolete 5.25 disk size.


A 5.25 inch size disk was real small back there when it replaced the enormous LP records but today in the age of 8 Gb micro SD cards and IPhones it looks like a whale. This disk size is 38 years old fellows, we need a smaller disk already.

A way to deal with this and preserve backwards compatibility is to use a special tray that has different depressions like the ones we have that have a smaller depression for the 3 inch disks or like the way the Panasonic DVD-RAM players had which had a square shaped depression or inset shape for the DVD-RAM disks but was still able to play CD-ROMS.

Or better yet forgo the stupid backwards compatibility altogether and create a new player for smaller disks and so what if we do so? DVD players for home are at $20.00 or less already and DVD recorders for PCs are at around the same prices and Blu-ray players and recorders prices are falling fast just like it happened for DVD players and recorders and will be there soon too.

If we want backwards compatibility all that we will need to do is to go out and buy a $18.00 Blu-ray player which is the price that they will have when a new format is introduced or by then most people PCs will have a Blu-ray player-recorder already just like they have DVD player-recorders all over the place today and then we will be able to transfer everything to the new disks so we would only need to buy the new format players-recorders.


I am way, way beyond sick and tired of dealing with disk scratches and other kinds of dirty smudges or substances in the surfaces of disks and most people probably feel the same about it too. Protective disk coatings for Blu-ray disks are not going to cut-it in the real world so that is hogwash, that can only help a little but it won’t handle the problem completely by far. I am very, very careful and responsible with the handling of my disks and I end up with scratched and dirty disks anyway but most of the family members and friends that I know of end up all the time with disks that look like they were attached with a string to the rear bumper of their cars for two months.

Leave alone the fact that a huge amount of these disks end in the hands of little children for game machines or video players and they treat the disks even worst than adults do. Do you really think that those Blu-ray anti-scratch coatings are going to be good enough against the abuse that small children will give these disks? Really? In what universe? They throw them in the floor all the time and sometimes just by picking them up carelessly from the floor they get scratched by making friction against the dirt in the floor. I’ve seen this countless times and that is why when I pick them up from the floor I do so carefully but why do we have to put up with that? I lost the count of how many discs have been lost in my family due to these problems and that is despite the fact that I’m always watching out for them carefully.

As the amount of data increases in these discs it compounds these problems due to higher density of the data pits in the surface of the disks data layers, it happened when the disks changed from CD to DVDs and with Blu-Rays it is worst and for a higher density multilayer disks it could be very bad too. The anti-scratch coating will handle scratches better than the dirt in the surface to begin with but there will still be problems for both things even with that.

And this is not a problem for consumers only, why do you think that franchises like Blockbuster or Videoavenue buy professional scratch removal disk surface polishing machines and use them all the time or haven’t you seem them? These machines do a great job but they cost hundreds of dollars (contrary to those consumer level ones that cost about $30.00 dollars that do not really work). The same for owners of those DVD disks serving machines at K-mart and software and game selling stores that resell used disks like GameStop. Yes they too use these machines all the time.

You want to talk about a real advance in disk technology? You give us the consumers a disk that is smaller so it can fit into a pocket (or in a lady’s purse with ease) and that have a protective shell like those old floppy disks had or like those that those old 128 megabytes 3 inch optical disks had and don’t tell me that that would be too expensive because floppys were a dime a dozen even with their shells and their little protective sliding doors and these media always start with a high price and then drops to nothing in a short period of time. Better yet, give the disks the anti-scratch coating together with the protective shell in case the darned little door opens accidentally cause it does happens sometimes.

So the next time around you manufacturers, use the darned multilayer disk technology but with a smaller disk with a protective shell. Now you manufacturers think, and you have lot’s of engineers that are capable of thinking don’t you? If a 5.25 inch disk looks too big already today how do you think that it will look a few years down the road when MicroSD cards and portable media players have two, three or many times more the capacity that they have today?

In my opinion because of these omissions the Blu-ray format was obsolete and seriously flawed from the get go. I would have rather waited a few more years for a smaller, multi-layered shell protected disk. We consumers are sick and tired of dealing with these issues so you manufacturers when you decide to create the next generation disc format please handle these issues for the consumers and for everybody else once and for all.

Oh and by the way, remember that you yourselves and all your family members and friends will be using the new discs that you create or you don’t have Playstations or similar things at your homes? so think about that too. Fix this and that would be a real advance, for everybody.

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