Techfest: Microsoft latest research and new gadgets.

7 March 2007 By Shashank

In a Microsoft event at Redmond,washinton.

Microsoft showcased a lot of interesting products and gadgets..
some notables are:
A software prototype named as Personal Audio Space(below).
Which can make it possible to hear the music in one corner of the
room while some person can sleep in other corner of the room..
sound’s amazing na..
This revolutionary prototype is shown in the image above.
Now you can watch T.V while your family sleep comfortably.

How it works:

It processes digital music and plays it through an array of speakers in such a way that sound waves cancel each other out in one area and become amplified in another.

Among the other interesting research and prototypes were :

  • Wi-Fi advertising method which will be received on mobile devices even if they’re not connected to a network.
  • Time-Mill, which captures images through a built-in camera and displays them on a mirror.
  • A system that recognizes the dvd photo and can send details about it.
  • A video game designed to teach children computer-programming basics.
  • A telescope application that lets PC users zoom around the universe and explore galaxies.
  • Text2Paper, prints out text messages on stickers that can then be stuck onto a calendar.

and here

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Cool 'n' Casual says:

Good post. Sounds like a cool invention. Glad to see Microsoft trying to innovate. 🙂


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