Live T.V for your GPH(Google personalized home) and your website

23 March 2007 By Shashank

Now you can embed live T.V in your personalized home page of google with the help of google gadgets. This gadget is also available for the webmasters which means if you have a blog or website than you can also embed this gadget in your website. has built a gadget that can be used as a live T.V for websites and also you can watch live T.v on your personalized home your personalized home page will become more colourful and unique, quite a good way to show off
among your friends isn’t it.

If you are a webmaster then you can also configure the size of the T.V that suits you the to micro T.V, it is fully configurable… must try .

Go here to get the code for live T.V gadget.

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